Friday, June 17, 2016


Lately I'm so into history, to be more specific, history about church, bible and humanity. I read about the Ark of Covenant, Nimrod, Queen of Sheba, descendants of Shem, Ham and Japheth, Roman empire, Deutero Kanonika, Crusade (both from Christian and Moslem's points of views), Medieval age, Isa Al-masih through the eyes of Moslems, and the list goes on.

I read them on any website I found in Google, I'm not really sure about their validity, I don't know which one is real history and which one is not but I enjoyed it.

In Angels and Demons, it was told that there are people learning Science to prove God's existence rather than glorify Science over God. In other words, if some people may go to church to look for God, these scientists look for God by learning Science. Kinda there are many ways to Rome. Science learns about nature, which was created by God, yes? Well, everybody has their own point of view.

For me, reading history, though I don't really know the validity, leads me to murmur: How great Thou art. For me, it's quite like looking at tonight's very beautiful night sky, with three quarter bright moon with rainbow colored halo around, some sparkling stars, and some greyish moving clouds to see. It was very beautiful though I don't know the exact numbers of distance from earth to the moon, I don't really understand what's the components of clouds, why they're moving, why there were halo around the moon, why tonight sky was so bright and some so little stars were there to see, I don't understand many things.

If I hadn't been born after Isaac Newton, I might not have known about gravity and must have wondered why thsose balls were floating there, Now that I know about gravity (well thanks to Isaac Newton) doesn't lower the way I look at the world. It still made me murmur... How great Thou art...

Just because one can't see... doesn't mean nothing's there.
Just because one can't hear... doesn't mean nothing's there.
Just because one can't touch... doesn't mean nothing's there.
Just because one can't smell... doesn't mean nothing's there.
Just because one can't understand... doesn't mean nothing's there.

How great Thou art.

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