Saturday, July 28, 2012

Honorable Heart

Yesterday I've just watched an episode of On The Spot, a TV program in Trans7. One of the theme they reviewed is 'The Seven People with Honorable Heart' (I'd like to put the link to the video here but my internet connection is deadly slow which I can't watch the video myself so I decide to cancel this plan). Those people's stories are so affectionate. All the seven stories are great. I almost cried while watching them (well, I am a bit maudlin I think). One of the stories they reviewed is about a poor pedicab driver who gave his money to foundation which help other people who need. This is so touching, because he gave in lack. He who was poor still thought of other people's need and did a real action by sharing what he had, even that might be inconsiderable, but he had given almost all that he had.

Well, I have a story about an honorable man I know, too. It was a simple thing but I always remember this till now, and I'd like to share this simple story.

One day, my sister and I went to an internet cafe which was about 300 meters away from my house by walking. Then in the mid of the journey, my sister's sandal was broken. It made her difficult to walk, so I changed my sandal with her broken one. I was walking awkwardly because of the broken sandal while a shopkeeper of a little shop saw me then he called me.

"Hey, your sandal is broken."

I answered, "I know. It's not a problem because I've almost reached my destination. Thank you, Sir!"

"Come here! Let me fix your sandal."

"No need to, really. My house is near to here."

But he still forced to fix my sandal. I finally agreed and came to his little shop to let my broken sandal be repaired by him. As a a sign of gratitude, I bought a beverage in his little shop. Then I could walk well because my broken sandal has been repaired.

A super simple story, isn't it? But a point I'd like to mention is his concern to me. If I were him who saw a person walking with difficulty because his/her sandal was broken, I wouldn't take the initiative to offer a help. I must apathetically walk away. But this shopkeeper, who didn't know me, offered me a help.

This shopkeeper and me are also from different ethnic and religion (I belong to the minority in my country). But still, he helped me. He helped a stranger with different ethnic and religion.

From this shopkeeper whose name I don't even know, I get a life lesson to have a honorable heart. To have a heart which want to take an initiative to offer a help to others who need. To help other people, even strangers, even they are from different ethnic and religion.

Ethnic and religion are not an excuse for not helping others.

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